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You're focused on bottom line results. So are we!

As one of the most important ways to gain the competitive edge, marketing communication becomes more important every day. It is the persuasive communication process whose aim is to either strengthen or change the mindsets of our customers' target consumers.

  • Market and demand creation development plans and activities
  • Branding and identity designs
  • Brand positioning activities
  • New product and brand launches
  • Commercial visit organizations

Our aims in Marketing Communication in terms of both sales and communications are as follows:

  • Increasing and supporting sales;
  • Creating corporate, product and brand awareness;
  • Developing corporate and product image;
  • Influencing the behaviour and attitude of the target group;
  • Providing information on the product or organization;
  • Training the target group on product use;
  • Creating consumer loyalty;
  • Attracting attention.

Market Researches and Studies:

The key to good marketing communications is the ongoing follow-up of the market. Strategies and tactics are formulated parallel to market data being gathered:

  • Quantitative studies;
  • Qualitative focus surveys;
  • Market sector research and analyses;
  • Developing prospecting lists;
  • Follow-up and analysis of market data.

On-line Marketing

  • Developing web site
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • On-line advertising / banners
  • e-mail marketing; Graphic design of html e-bulletins, developing mailing lists & mailing, blasting
  • Affiliate marketing

Merchandising Point of Sale Based Activities:

Retail stores represent the point of sale; the point at which the consumer stands in front of the shelf and decides whether or not to make a purchase.

We communicate with your potential customers at the point of sale with the intention of persuading them to choose your product.

Promotional activities conducted here improve and increase your sales in a very short time:

  • In-store promotions, food tasting and demonstrations;
  • In-house lotteries and prizes;
  • POS and POP activities;
  • Shelf displays.


In the past, all a shopkeeper needed was a memory capable of remembering the preferences of his customers.
By using communications techniques and technology, we apply that same model to large corporations. Our role is to understand the customer and privatise their products and services according to individual needs;

  • Identifying the target mass market and customer profile;
  • Developing prospecting lists;
  • Designing tactics specifically adapted to the customer;
  • E-marketing;
  • Telemarketing;
  • Call centers;
  • Hot line information desks;
  • Inbound / Outbound tele-marketing services;
  • Cold callings;
  • Direct marketing;

Advertisiment & Sponsorship

  • Media advertisements – TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, catalogues, internet;
  • Billboards, posters and wall panels;
  • On-demand advertising;
  • B2B advertising;
  • Sponsorships.